Datamine Admin Interface

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The new Datamine web service enables CME Admin to place and edit data orders for customers. This page outlines the functions that CME Admin are able to access on



User Cart Selection

At the top of the Dashboard, enter the CME Login ID of the customer for whom you wish to purchase data. Click "Next" to begin shopping for data on the customer's behalf. For step-by-step instructions on how to search, filter, and add data, visit the Datamine Self-Service page. Customers will receive an email once you have completed the data checkout process for them.

Datamine Stats

The Dashboard also includes various Datamine usage statistics, including API Download Stats, Top 5 Customers, and Top 5 Products.

To navigate from the Dashboard to other Admin pages, click the "Management" menu in the top right corner.

Manage Profiles

Navigate to here from the "Management" menu.

User Profile Information

You can view and search the profiles of all registered CME Group Login users. Click on the User ID to view user-specific order information.

Edit User Profile

Click "Edit" next to a user profile to update the country, state, or API ID.

Manage Orders

Recent Orders

The default page shows the 25 most recent Datamine orders. You can browse these, or search for orders by a specific client by entering the client's CME Login ID at the top.

Edit Orders

Click "Edit" to update the Retention Period or Status. The Retention Period is the length of time the customer is entitled to the data order. Status "Active" means the client is currently subscribed to an ongoing data subscription. Status "Canceled" means the order was canceled by an admin. Status "Pending" means there are still steps required from DataBP before the customer can access data. Status "Complete" means the client has successfully received a one-time historical purchase of data.

Manage Pricing

View Prices

All admin can view the pricing schedules for various datasets and subscription types.

Edit Prices*

*Only Super Admin has permission to edit prices. Click "Edit" to make changes.

Manage Sessions

View/Edit Subscribers

This list shows all customers subscribed to the Bitcoin Live Stream. Only Super Admin has permission to boot a customer off the live stream.

Additonal Resources

For all customer support inquieries related to CME Datamine production issues please contact the Global Command Center (GCC).

Contact Details

Hours (Central Time)

Contact Details

Hours (Central Time)

Email: Global Command Center (GCC) 

United States: +1 800 438 8616 
Eurote: +44 20 7623 4747 
Asia: +65 6532 5010 

Sun 14:00 - Fri 16:30

For all customer support inquiries related to the CME Datamine API or 24/7 Bitcoin Market Data Access please contact our API Certification and Development Team (CSET) 

Contact Details

Hours (Central Time)

Contact Details

Hours (Central Time)

Email: CSET - CME Globex

United States: +1 312 930 2322 
Europe: +44 20 3379 3803 
Asia: +65 6593 5593 

Sun 16:00 - Fri 16:30

For all customer support inquiries related to CME Log In or API IDs, please contact Enterprise Application & Systems Entitlements (EASE) 

Contact Details

Hours (Central Time)

Contact Details

Hours (Central Time)

Email: EASE 

United States: +1 312 456 1560 
Europe: +011 44 203 379 3802 
Asia: +011 65 6593 5536 

Sun 17:00 - Fri 17:00

For all customer inquiries related to CME Datamine Sales please contact the Market Tech Sales

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