MDP 3.0 - Futures and Options on CME Globex - TCP Recovery for UDP

The following section outlines the logon messages is for TCP Recovery for UDP recovery in the Core Globex SBE Schema.

TCP Recovery for UDP recovery Logon template in the Core Globex SBE Schema is not used for BrokerTec market data on CME Globex. Client systems implementing TCP Recovery on UDP for BrokerTec market data on CME Globex should utilize the Global TCP Recovery schema. Client systems implementing CME MDP Conflated TCP market data group for BrokerTec markets should utilize the TCP Session Management schema.  Consult the MDP 3.0 - Dissemination topic for more information. 

For TCP Recovery the TCP Request message must have valid positive (non-zero) sequence numbers in 1182-ApplBeginSeqNo and tag 1183-ApplEndSeqNo between 1 and 4294967295.

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