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This page provides details for navigating the CME Group Client Systems Wiki technical content site and includes the following topics:


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Any client inquiries for technical issues or Production support should be directed to the CME Group Global Command Center (GCC).

Site Features and Navigation

Learn about common features available within the Client Systems Wiki site:

It is not recommended to use disabled features. Attempting to use any disabled features, as indicated by strikethroughs in the following image, will result in error messages:

  1. Breadcrumb trail: navigation path to the currently viewed page. Click / ... / to show the full topic path.

  2. Current topic/page: the page that is currently being viewed is highlighted in the sidebar.

  3. Topic search: search a term throughout the selected topic. See search syntax tips

  4. Sidebar Topic Hierarchy: expandable list of topics and subtopics within the site.

  5. Space search: search a term throughout the Client Systems Wiki. See search syntax tips.

  6. Ellipses menu: available features: 

    1. Export the currently viewed topic to Word or PDF from >Export > Export to Word or Export to PDF

    2. Presenter mode: selecting this mode to display a clean and simple full-screen view of a topic.
      - Up and down arrows (): control showcasing portions of a page.
      - Jump to a section (): to navigate directly to a portion of a page. 
      - Presentation Settings (): Toggle settings control the size of the view, cursor display, and offer a Dark theme mode: 

    3. Advanced Details>Page Information - Provides a Tiny Link to the page, the ability to Export to Word or PDF, and page linking details. 

  7. Logo/Site Toggle - Click the "CME Group" logo to switch between technical content sites: CME Group Client Systems Wiki or SPAN information.  Click the "CME Group Client Systems Wiki" logo to return to the home page of the site.

  8. Menus

    1. Spaces menu toggles between the Client Systems Wiki and SPAN technical sites.

    2. Additional menus are disabled/not intended for use.

Search the Site

Apply this search syntax to refine searches and yield the most relevant results.

Search Syntax



Search Syntax



" "

 "user experience"

Find exact words or phrases.
Results contain the phrase "user experience".

Note: Common words, such as "and, the, an, is..." are ignored in searches.


 user OR experience

Find either of the terms. OR must be all capital.
Results contain "user" or "experience".


 user AND experience

Find both of the terms. AND must be all capital.
Results contain "user" and "experience".


 user NOT experience

Find the first term, but not the second term. NOT must be all capital. 
Results contain "user", but not "experience".


 user experience -feedback

Find the first terms, but not the term preceeded by -.
Results contain "user" and "experience", but not "feedback". 

( ) AND 

 (user OR experience) AND feedback

Find grouped terms.
Results must contain "feedback" but can contain either "user" or "experience".


Wildcard search.
Results contain a form of the word, such as "feedback" or "feeds". 

Note: Use wildcards anywhere within a word, except at the first character.

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