This topic details common CME Straight Through Processing (CME STP) features and functions applicable to markets and venues offered by CME Group.

CME STP is enables customers to query, subscribe and retrieve real-time Post Trade messages and serves as a single post-trade solution for CME Group markets.


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CME STP messages and functions are made available using industry standard FIX and FIXML formats with custom CME Group extensions.

  • CME STP FIX - A standard FIX 4.4 API which supports Query, Subscriptions and message Streaming with custom CME extensions over TCP/IP.

  • CME STP FIXML - Simply called CME STP, is built upon Representation State Transfer (REST) web service technology. With this technology, HTTP URLs and methods (GET, POST, etc.), parameters, and statuses are used to model the remote procedure call behavior. 


The Core FIX & FIXML Specifications are separate topics to differentiate the technical implementations.

The Business Messages Specifications for FIX and FIXML are in a single table for different Markets.

Markets and Venues

CME STP APIs, both FIX and FIXML formats, support the following markets, venues and products traded at CME Group.


  • Futures, Options and Spreads

  • BrokerTec Market: US Treasury Actives & Spreads, US Treasury Repos, EU Bonds & EU Repos.

  • EBS Market and eFIX Matching: FX Spot, Metals, eFix, NDF's

Venues & Exchanges

  • CME Globex: CME, NYMEX, COMEX, GME, CBOT, BrokerTec, EBS.

  • Off-exchange deals submitted via CME ClearPort

  • Relationship based trading: EBS Direct and BrokerTec Stream

Onboarding and Certification

To begin the Post trade onboarding process, contact the CME Group STP Onboarding Team.

CME Group requires that client systems using CME STP and CME Globex must be tested and certified before transacting in the Production environment. Certification is performed using AutoCert+, an automated testing tool for validating client system functionality and is designed to verify application behavior and conformance with CME Group requirements to ensure messaging and processing reliability and the capability to recover from abnormal message processing events.

For more information, contact Certification Support for Electronic Trading (CSET).

Production Service Availability

In the event of a CME STP or CME STP FIX outage, trades may not be available for recovery. Clients should be prepared for manual reconciliation in this case.

CME STP service is available in PRODUCTION beginning Sunday, 2 PM through Friday, 10 PM, Central Time.

Internal testing may occur on weekends in the Production Environment (Friday, 10 PM through Sunday, 2 PM, Central Time).

Customers should only connect during times of service availability.

Contact Information

For technical development support, contact Certification Support for Electronic Trading (CSET).

For production requests, please contact the Global Command Center (GCC).

For other inquiries, please contact Global Account Management (GAM).

Related Information

To avoid client systems impacts, CME Group recommends clients ONLY use attributestags and values defined in the CME STP FIX/FIXML message specifications.  

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  • CME STP FIXML Core: Connectivity, Technical Considerations, Snapshot and Subscriptions for FIXML

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