Risk Management Interface API

The Risk Management Interface (RMI) is a risk management system consisting of a Web Services API and a user interface (GUI) that provides Clearing Member Firms (CMF) the capability to perform the following:

  • View current block/unblock instructions
  • Query Product/Exchange information
  • View block/unblock history (GUI only)
  •  Block/Unblock order entry at the following levels:
    • Execution Firm
    • Account
    • Futures/Options (derivative type)
    • Side
    • Product
    • Exchange
  • Cancel working orders at the following levels (API only):
    • Account + Execution Firm + Exchange
    • Account + Execution Firm + All Exchanges supported by Clearing Firm

CMFs can use their own certified risk management system or certified third-party risk management applications to programmatically send instructions to the API to Block, Unblock, and View Active blocks.

This topic includes:

This topic describes functionality for the RMI API only. For a complete description of the RMI GUI, please see the Risk Management Tools User Help System.
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Logical System Flow

The diagram below shows how the Clearing Member Firm (CMF) Risk Admin can use the RMI to manage trading permissions and activity transacted on CME Globex.

Client System Certification

Certification for RMI API is mandatory.  

For more information on development and certification testing, please contact Certification Support for Electronic Trading (CSET).

RMI Schema Files

The RMI Schema files are available over FTP for each environment at the following locations:


ftp://ftp.cmegroup.com/fix/RMIAPI/New Release


Client Support

The CME Global Command Center (GCC) Support has access to the RMI 24 hours a day for the Production environment; from 2:00 pm Sunday through 4:30 pm Friday, CT. Please contact GCC Support for production issues. The GCC accepts support requests from registered clients. If you are not registered, ask your Clearing Member Firm Administrator to call on your behalf.

In case of an emergency, Clearing Member Firm RMI Risk Administrators can contact GCC Support to request all Block instructions be removed for a Firm and Account.

All risk management services are offered by CME Group on a best-effort basis. Clearing Member Firm (CMF) RMI Risk Administrators only have access to the Execution Firm and Exchanges that they guarantee. Any attempt to take action on an Execution Firm and Exchange assigned to a different CMF will be rejected.

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