iLink Order Entry

CME Group internal testing in the Production environment can occur during the weekend. Any trades or market data generated during these tests should be disregarded.

As a reminder, clients can connect to CME Globex services beginning at 10:30 am CT Sundays to prepare for weekly start-up. Clients should ensure all services are disconnected by 5:00 pm. CT Fridays to avoid receiving internal test data.

iLink is the path by which client systems connect to and transact business on the CME Globex platform.

iLink Architecture provides an overview of iLink Gateway architecture including the Convenience Gateway (CGW) and Market Segment Gateway (MSGW).

For iLink, 'Session Layer' entails the establishing and maintaining of a FIX session over a TCP/IP connection to CME Globex.

'Business Layer' entails the sending and receiving of business messages over that session to transact business functions on CME Globex.

iLink supports two messaging protocols:

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To avoid client systems impacts, CME Group recommends that client systems NOT submit iLink messages containing FIX tags that are not defined in the iLink message specification.

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